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Organizing My Year – An Interactive Coaching Notebook

Hey teachers… I am looking for some inspiration!  

My district in year two of a three year initiative.  We have transformed ourselves from a Reading First school to the Reading Workshop. Whoa can it get more extreme? I don’t think so; but when we committed to this instructional shift we went all in.   Although we are not a “Project School” our coaching team, and select faculty members have attended numerous workshops, reunion days, & institutes at Teacher’s College.  

Currently, I’m reading Jennifer Serravallo’s amazing book Teaching Reading in Small Groups. I can totally recommend this book!  My experiences with this work have proven to be extremely relevant to my district’s year two goals::

  • Read Aloud
  • Conferencing
  • Small Group Instruction (Guided Reading & Strategy Lessons)
  • Gathering & Using Informal Data

Serravallo’s work inspired me to create an Interactive Coaching Notebook.  I envision this book as being a tool that can inform my practice, and sharpen my focus for the upcoming year. This is how I plan to take in all this information & make it germane to my daily practice.  This is how I will bridge the gap from information to knowledge. My plan for this notebook is that it will offer information but will also leave room for real participation.  

When creating a Reading Notebook with students, they are encouraged to design a cover that reflects a reading identity.  My notebook reflects my coaching identity. I began by getting a regular marble notebook, and I realized I had many catalogs that could be used to jazz up my notebook.  I’m a firm believer in the power of all things that are aesthetically pleasing.  It also signifies values – I care about my coaching practice I’m going to invest some time in the appearance and immerse myself within the context of this book. 

First some pictures detailing the process:



The tabs in my notebook follow the same sequence as the chapters in Serravallo’s book.  I am jotting my notes and leaving room for my coaching sessions with my faculty.  I can sketch out ideas for charts, or inform agenda’s for grade level meetings. 

Any feedback, other ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! So please let me know what you think.  I’d also love to hear about  what you are doing to boost your literacy learning.