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FPL Tree

FPL Tree

I work as a Literacy Coach – I am, alongside my great friend, going to be coaching part time in addition to my regular building.  It’s going to be a challenge to work in two buildings, two different schedules,  and different grade levels.  It’s intimidating,,, but it helps to appreciate how hard most teachers work.  We’re all in this to make a difference in the lives of our students.  So how to begin this work?  We decided to survey our new faculty and find out what their strengths are.  Using Google docs .  Then I took those results and created the word art you see here.  Let’s grow from our strengths – Teachers are Amazing!


Good News We’ve Got Goodreads!

Good News We’ve Got Goodreads!

As you guys know I’m taking the Jennifer Serravallo course on Heinemann’s Digital Campus. It inspired me to create a group on  The goal is to know yourself as reader.  How engaged are you when you read?  How do you respond to text? Engagement is the answer – it will make the invisible process of reading visible.   

Heinemann Digital Campus – Jennifer Serravallo

To all the dedicated teachers out there…

Yes it’s winter break, and yes I’ve been poking around my books and plans all week. Well in between registering my daughter for Taekwondo, taking my mother to doctor’s appointments, swim lessons for Boy Scout advancements, and having loud noisy sleepovers to boot.  No wonder my office is a mess! That notwithstanding, I am writing with some very exciting news! I just registered for the Jennifer Serravallo course being offered through Heinemann’s Digital Campus.  I also created a new Jennifer Serravallo board on my PInterest page: .  Suffice it to say, I am very psyched!  If you don’t know Jennifer Serravallo or her work I encourage you to check her out.  Take a look at one of my past posts – .

More to come – I am waiting on Heinemann to register me for the course (BOO!).  Kind of a hassle Heinemann! No really it is a huge hassle.  But I will forgive this inconvenience if the course is as great as I anticipate it will be.   You can check it out for free – click here: