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Storify Twitter Chat

Storify Twitter Chat

This is an archive of a Twitter Chat I hosted tonight. Enjoy!


Fountas & Pinnell Core Values Articulating a Shared Vision of Literacy Education

Fountas & Pinnell provoke thinking as they challenge teachers to hold fast to what is important for reading instruction.  If you have not heard of #F&PCoreValues I urge you to join in the discussion.  Here they are for you to consider.

Schools are Places Where:

  1. Students think, talk, read, and write about relevant content and ideas to achieve a high level of competence and develop as global citizens.

  2. Students are members of a cohesive literate community that sustains their literacy growth and success.

  3. Students engage in authentic inquiry that challenges their thinking and expands their intellectual curiosity.

  4. Students have a strong sense of agency that propels their independent learning and builds their capacity for self-regulation.

  5. Students have extensive opportunities to read, write, and talk about a wide variety of texts in a range of genres and disciplines.

  6. Students have frequent opportunities for choice independent reading to build mileage, stamina, and interest as readers.

  7. Teachers systematically assess the impact of instruction on student learning and use data to improve literacy performance.

  8. Teachers know the specific reading, writing, and language behaviors of each of their students and use their knowledge to make expert teaching decisions.

  9. Educators work as a team to take collective responsibility for high achievement of the widely diverse population of students in their schools.

  10. Educators engage in and value their own continuous professional learning and support the learning of colleagues.