About Me & Why I’m Here

I am a mom to three incredible children: Hayley 15, Kristina 15, & David 10.  A wife to Dave – married for 24 years this past June.  A Literacy Coach to many colleagues.  I am currently working in a primary school located on beautiful Long Island NY .  I love teaching all things literacy – it is my great interest and passion.  There is a fine line between passion and obsession isn’t there?   Tell me, if this sounds familiar?  I go to workshops, classes, and book sales – while there I purchase many great professional resources that I plan to use so I can be current and improve my professional practice. Honest.  Then life kicks in and frankly living on Long Island surrounded by sun drenched beaches, and lots of summer fun can be very distracting.   So then time makes a liar of me.   All those beautiful  glossy books with children reading happily sit in my bookshelf until I happen upon them dust them off, and say “This is great I really need to sit down & read this.”  So here goes – this is the answer to all my good intentions.  2013 is is my summer for making and keeping goals!  I plan to read 25 professional books and blog about them.  Please join me, I’d love to know what your thinking – let’s create something great.  I believe we learn best when we learn from each other.


3 thoughts on “About Me & Why I’m Here

  1. Thank you for letting me know where the image of the skyscraper originated, it is an excellent visual aid especially for my teacher education students – I want to credit it on the blog, how would you have me cite it – My compliments and thanks!

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